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Harald Heinzl

Harald Heinzl

Head of Real Estate Finance

After studying commercial sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, I started working in commerce and industry, but I was soon drawn to real estate. I have been working for IMMOFINANZ for over 15 years now, during which time I have experienced the exceptional development of the company first hand and have had the opportunity to help shape it.

Within IMMOFINANZ Group, I am responsible for real estate financing and cash management. As a person with a passion for numbers, I enjoy my work each and every day as a “financial service provider” in an international setting that spans from the US to Russia. Together with my team, I take care of securing and managing liquidity for the Group – a challenging and exciting task particularly in volatile times, when the expression “cash is king” takes on even greater significance.

I look forward to interesting posts and discussions on the IMMOFINANZ Company Blog!


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