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Wienerberg myhive community: about the bike service, honey harvest, gourmet treats and sports tournaments

Julia Dobbler, myhive Community Manager ATPost by Julia Dobbler, myhive Community Manager AT
9 August 2018 | 0 Comments

There's a lot going on in our myhive community at Wienerberg. In recent weeks, we've arranged quite a number of activities and introduced some new services for our tenants. Networking and community building are, after all, an important part of our myhive office concept.
As the warm season arrived, many of our tenants' employees promptly took advantage of the possibility to check their bikes over free of charge and make them fit for the summer at the myhive bicycle service. Many people travel by bicycle to work and make use of our ultra-modern and secure bicycle room, which also has showers. The myhive massage service, which has been available in the Twin Towers for a number of weeks now, is also proving to be popular. Additionally, a photo booth was recently installed for anyone who needs last minute passport photos.

Summer doesn't only offer the opportunity for cycling, but also for outdoor group activities. Consequently, in June, in the midst of the World Cup, we issued invitations to the first myhive football tournament. Our tenants put forward ten teams in total and demonstrated their skills in mini tournaments. Afterwards, there was a BBQ and cold drinks, and the first World Cup matches were watched together. In July and August, it was "off to the beach", and we were delighted by the equally strong turnout for two beach volleyball tournaments. The team spirit and the fun were guaranteed by the "beach feeling". Next, it was time for "touchdown!" at the myhive American football tournament, held at the Vikings football centre in Ravelinstraße. After a short warm-up, two teams deployed their previous training into a game full of fun and action and showed off their football skills. And for our myhive community, the sporting activities are set to continue. In the coming weeks, golf and badminton are both on the agenda. We're also busy working on the planning and organisation of new series of events in the coming months.

And speaking of busy: In April, we put beehives on the roof of one of the myhive buildings at Wienerberg. Our smallest "colleagues" produced a grand harvest. In the coming weeks, 264 kg of honey will be divided into portions and shared among all of the employees at myhive Wienerberg. Since April, the myhive gourmet market has also been taking place once a month, with a range of regional products supplied directly by organic farmers.

A few pictures from our sporting events are attached.

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