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Speed dating, flower service and much more - Valentine's Day at IMMOFINANZ properties

Julia Müller, Senior Corporate Communications ManagerPost by Julia Müller, Senior Corporate Communications Manager
13 February 2018 | 0 Comments

This Valentine's Day will also be celebrated at our office and retail properties. From speed dating through to prize draws and fast flower delivery services - almost anything is possible.
In Warsaw our myhive community - the tenants in our myhive office properties - have the opportunity to take part in a speed dating event. Six minutes are allowed for getting to know one another, before moving on to the next table. Our advertisement for the event (see images) met with a great response. In another myhive location in Warsaw, a jazz concert featuring love songs is taking place. This event is also booked out. Registrations are submitted using our myhive App, which we launched for our tenants towards the end of last year.

Valentine's Day is also a major theme in our VIVO! shopping centers. In the Romanian VIVO! locations, we are, for example, holding a "Love Days" online prize draw, in which visitors can not only win a trip to Rome, Lisbon or Barcelona with their partner, but are also offered a further service. When registering for the prize draw, there is the opportunity to style a personalised "Love Card", which along with the number of Love Days (= number of days in the relationship) also has space for a message to the partner.

And a service for our tenants in the myhive Twin Towers in Vienna: Our colleagues on the Welcome Desk accept all types of requests for flowers, and then arrange the ordering and direct delivery to the workplace. This service, by the way, is not only available to employees of our myhive tenants on Valentine's Day, but is offered throughout the year.

With this in mind - Happy Valentine's Day!

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