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VIVO! Krosno: 80,000 visitors during opening weekend and a wedding proposal!

Przemek  Wardega , Communication and Marketing Manager PolandPost by Przemek Wardega , Communication and Marketing Manager Poland
2 October 2017 | 0 Comments

Our VIVO! Krosno shopping center opened its doors for the first time last Friday at exactly 9 a.m. Within seconds, crowds were entering the property, with everyone interested in seeing the new and as yet unique “shopping and entertainment” offering in Krosno.
On the first weekend, more than 80,000 customers in total visited our VIVO! Center. To get a better grasp of this sensational number, it means that every Krosno inhabitant visited our center twice over the weekend. It not only comprises 70 stores in a total area of 21,000 sqm, but also a cinema. Also notable: 30 retailers – almost half of the total – are present with their ranges in Krosno for the first time and celebrating their debut in the city. Our VIVO! center is in this way of benefit to the region in every respect.

Many opening attractions and events were planned and met with a great deal of interest. Some things, however, cannot be planned, but are all the more delightful. A marriage proposal has already been made at our VIVO! Krosno center, as we found out through social media. A young gentleman bought an engagement ring at a jewelry store in the center and promptly proposed to his loved one. And the answer was YES. We are thrilled about the first love story at VIVO! Krosno and congratulated the couple with flowers.

A few pictures follow.

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